Process driven.

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What I Do

I design based on a strong, process-driven principles. This process was formed during the years I spent in a series of related fields. While I have experience in fundamental UX principles such as wireframing, prototyping and coding, my primary concentration is in digital visual design. Before attending DESIGNATION, a digital design and development bootcamp, I worked on a broad range of projects ranging from architectural design, jewelry and 3-D printing. In order to succeed in such a broad range of fields, I learned to approach any creative problem with the universal elements and principles of design. My architectural background has allowed me to have a strong research and design foundation, which can be applied to any digital design challenge.


Who I Am

I’m a designer based in Chicago, Illinois, but I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. Although my degree was in Architecture (with a strong focus on design and art theory), I’m passionate about applying my research and design foundation in the realm of digital design. I’m also a big “foodie” and have cooked in both amateur and professional kitchens. My love of food is eclipsed only by my interest in music. Specifically, the incredible, spectacular, amazingly bodacious and electrifying variety of the local Chicago scene.


My Work

This is a sample of my work in a variety of mediums with a focus on digital design.

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